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Blumen Roots

In addition to energy work, Blumen Roots runs a natural dye studio and creates journals and ebooks. Products can be found here, Amazon, and Etsy.  

Blumen Roots offers hand-dyed silk products inspired by the natural surroundings of the Northwest. Botanical materials include ethically foraged and grown plants, leaves, stems, bark, berries, nuts, and various hues sourced from other regions. These materials lend themselves to complex and ever-changing hues that match our changing seasons. You can find our silk ribbon and table linens on Etsy


 Moon Journal 

At Blumen Roots, we believe in the power of rituals and ceremonies to create transformation on an individual level. With our A Year of Lunar Rituals and Ceremonies  Journal, you can explore your intentions and write about them step by step with detailed prompts each lunar cycle.

Writing with Pen

Book on Ceremonies and Rituals for Family 

Create beautiful, meaningful ceremonies and rituals with this book!

Unlock the secrets of customizing your ceremonies and rituals with your family. Learn how to breathe with intention, set blessings, and close an event in a way that honors the experience. Experience daily rituals with your children to connect and stay grounded.

Invite others to share in the beauty of your heart-centered ceremonies and connect with your spiritual side in meaningful ways. Bring peace and joy to your gatherings by creating powerful experiences that will stay with you and your loved ones for years to come.

Coming in Summer 2023!

Sitting by Campfire
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